Main areas of work

Complex topics clearly illustrated

As an illustrator and cartoonist, I feel confident that complex contexts and emotions can always be expressed in simple images as well. And that such images facilitate understanding, make a lasting impression and serve the mind as anchors for new connections. Whether you need a means of instant orientation in a brochure or wish to address topics ranging from multiple discrimination to supply chain management to intergenerational feminist conflict – we’re sure to find the right image together.

Empowerment and violence prevention

I have been producing illustrations aimed at children and adults in the areas of education and violence prevention for many years. Physical, mental and sexualised violence are disturbing and important topics. The images should affect us and stick in our memory, without discouraging or retraumatising. When can we signal assault through a bad feeling, for example, and when might that not be enough? I develop positive image ideas that focus on empowerment and success stories and that strengthen and motivate the viewer.

Portraying respect and diversity

Discrimination and power structures are also reflected in our imagery. Take, for example, scenarios in which most people are depicted as white, slim stick figures. That is why the pictures that I draw show people of various shapes and sizes, with different skin colours, hairstyles and head coverings, and include girls with footballs, men with children and all others that both match and break with traditional roles. Browse my Portfolio for examples.

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